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Bulls For Sale September 2020

Talooby Angus Stud offers for your consideration a second round of quality sires in 2020

"The yearling bulls offered here have been running on TNN fertilised winter wheat sown in late April (no grain) after a less than ideal start in drought conditions. They have made a great recovery to date."

"There are a limited selection of two year old bulls available, just coming out of winter (not fed) and starting to really move. More details to follow, meanwhile give me a call to talk bull."
Peter Grieve
Talooby Stud


Q201 – A grade 7 bull, tremendous confirmation, ease of doing, a classic Lochiel L23 son.

Q22 – A grade 5 bull, moderate frame, lower birth weight than on Breedplan as the sire of the dam is wrongly recorded and has a higher birth weight. Lovely temperament and currently gaining 2kg/day on crop. 


Q224 – A grade 6 bull, by Lochinvar L85. Kind nature, versatile bull currently gaining 1.8kg/day.


Q8 A moderate framed Lochiel son with plenty of carcase and a wonderful temperament. A grade 7 bull currently gaining 1.9kg/day over the last 41 days. 


Q245 – Potentially one of the bigger bulls available by Cluden Newry Hyperno L47. Extra growth, grade 5 and gaining a whopping 2.2kg/day.

Q254 – A grade 6 bull with plenty to recommend. Top weight gain in this group at a massive 2.5kg/day. Character, carcase and confirmation to burn!


Q18The only MUGGER M19 son on offer. The mugger sons topped the Talooby June sale this year along with the average. Extra marbling, softness and a wonderful temperament with super low birth weight. A grade 7 bull. Be quick, he won’t last long.

Q30 – Another L23 son, sound structure, moderate frame, a grade 5 bull.

Q223 – A lovely free moving bull, son of L86. Excellent structure and very sound with a lot of presence. Grade 6 bull and has been gaining 2kg/day over the last 41 days.

Q243 – A grade 5 bull from a lovely quiet mother G229 and by L23. Sound as, will grow into an impressive sire!

Q13 – Might carry an unlucky number, but not with this fellow. Quality from his nose to his toes! Typical L23 son, quiet, soft and a steal at grade 5 and gaining weight at 1.8kg/day.


Q234 – Extra yield in this guy, L23 calf from a Wattletop G188 daughter. Grade 5 gaining 1.7kg/day.

Q25 – A grade 6 bull by L86. Soundness and mobility along with top shelf quality from a great Cracker C65 cow

Q15 – Another L23, from the WA import STRATHTAY TANGO G6. Fondly described as “the speed hump” this fella is always in the road. So quiet, gaining 2kg/day and a grade 6 bull.



 P144 – The only Logan bull available – dam side by a Millah Murrah E78 from a J94 – one of a wonderful group of J cows. This is a grade 6 bull with a fantastic temperament and easy of doing.


 P141By Lochiel L23 from another great J cow J104. Figures to suit heifer joining – positive for calving ease direct and daughters and has a birth weight of 3. A very mobile grade 4 bull.



 P275Another one of the heavier bulls. Figures indicate he is suitable for heifer joining’s. By L78 from a great old cow, B136.


 P284The second heaviest in the run, great temperament, very quiet, plenty of yield potential – a grade 4 bull.

 P133By L101 from a great daughter of Alpine Bradley B12 – plenty of growth with a birth weight recommended only as a terminal cross bull. Grade 4.

 P124Another L101 from J95 cow. Plenty of meat in this fella, moderate frame size – a grade 5 quicker maturing bull.

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