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Red Bulls For Sale September 2020

These bulls have done it pretty tough with having very little feed at any stage during the drought. They have done well to get to the weights they are at now, and can only go forward from here.

Peter Grieve

752 – A lovely natured bull, not recommended for heifers. So cuddly the boys have christened him the “Tambo Teddy”.

729 – A bull with a beautiful temperament who’s figures suggest he’s suitable for heifer joining’s with a low birth weight of 1.7

712 – This bulls figures suggest he would be suitable for heifer joining’s with a birth weight of 3.5 – like the bulk of our red bulls, extremely quiet.

722 – Affectionately known as “Blondie”, this beautifully quiet and fashionable fellow is suitable for cow joining’s.

732 – An AI son of Custom Made. One of the heavier reds, no breed plan available will sell as a commercial. Has a residual grass seed lump on near side of jaw. Was treated 9/7/19 and has not had any further issues.

716 – A bull with moderate birth weight figures and plenty of stretch to grow into an impressive animal. Very mobile bull.

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